Struggling with churn over?

Project Overview

Today’s digital footprints contains valuable insights about what movies are watched, what songs are heard, what items are purchased, when these events happen, with whom they happen, and the list goes on… Wouldn’t it be great if we could use this data to inform what features users really want, which one’s they don’t and how to make every experience unique?

With slick apps and designs today, services that do not quickly adapt to their customers needs risk losing them to competitors. For a lot of businesses and investors, customer churn is an important problem that not only needs to be…

Sound of concentration.

Now that most of us have been working from, things that could annoy others in a workplace such as chewing gum, playing background music or tapping your feet is no longer a problem. Being a musician and trying to develop my knowledge of data science further, I thought that it would be interesting to analyse the impact of surrounding noise on ones ability to write code.

Luckily, the data set provided StackOverflow in my Udacity course had just what I was looking for. Before I jump into any detail, i’d like to share an overview of this post. …

Naveed Rafi

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